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3 in 5 middle-aged and older Canadians had ‘traumatic’ childhood experiences: report

3 in 5 middle-aged and older Canadians had ‘traumatic’ childhood experiences: report | CBC NewsMcMaster University researchers estimate that around three in every five Canadian adults aged 45 to 85 have been exposed to “adverse childhood experiences,” including abuse, neglect, intimate partner violence or other household adversity.The study said that cases of these harmful experiences were highly […]

COVID-19 and Wellbeing During Pregnancy

Our goal is to understand how the coronavirus (COVID-19)pandemic affects psychological well being and stress during andafter pregnancy. The knowledge gained from this research willinform support services for families during this challenging time.We will follow participants during each trimester of pregnancyand 6 weeks postpartum. Participants began Phase 1 of the studywhen they were in their […]

Ontario Parent Survey reveals troubling trends

HAMILTON, ON — McMaster University and Offord Centre for Child Studies researchers have released the results of a province-wide online survey, the Ontario Parent Survey. The purpose of study, which was conducted between May 5 and June 19, is to help understand what families with children are experiencing in the context of COVID-19, and what […]

Examining the effects of household chaos on child executive functions: A meta-analysis

Household chaos describes a home environment characterized by disorganization (e.g. clutter, crowding, ambient noise) and instability (e.g. lack of routines, frequent moves, changes in caregivers)