Anna Savic

Anna is a dedicated research assistant with a strong background in psychology and neuroscience. Currently, she holds positions in two prominent research labs. Anna is a Research Assistant in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster’s Strong Families Lab. She is also an integral part of the Turkstra Lab at McMaster University’s ARiEAL Research Centre, where she actively contributes to various projects.

Anna completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Neuroscience. During her time there, she also pursued a minor in Immunology, showcasing her multidisciplinary approach to learning. Her thirst for knowledge and passion for understanding the intricate workings of the brain led her to enroll in the Brain Disorders Management Graduate Certificate program at Mohawk College. As she has completed the program, Anna has delved deeper into studying neuro-related mechanisms within multiple populations.

Driven by her fascination with pediatric psychology and neurosciences, Anna’s research interests predominantly revolve around the complex nature of the developing brain in children. She is particularly intrigued by specific psychological and social development processes within children and is always interested in learning more information about emotion regulation.

She is thrilled to be a part of the research team, where she not only brings her passion for developmental psychology but strives to disseminate the knowledge she has acquired throughout her academic journey.