MIRA-iGeN: An Intergenerational Cohort Platform

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MIRA-iGeN is a proposed multi-phased, longitudinal, intergenerational cohort study which will serve as a data platform to enable multi-disciplinary teams to address a wide variety of research questions.

Through extensive data collection, we will be able to investigate the interrelationships among biological, physical, social, lifestyle, psychological and behavioural domains, influencing health across the life course and generations.

In designing a study to examine trajectories across generations, a secondary goal is to identify modifiable factors with the potential to inform the development, implementation, and evaluation of interventions to improve the health and well-being of individuals across multiple generations within this cohort.

Phase 1 of the study focused on recruiting the index sample, and assessing the feasibility of recruiting additional generations to the study.

In response to the COVID-19 health pandemic, our study team quickly mobilized to incorporate a COVID-19 module into Phase 1. An online questionnaire was launched to:

  1. understand the impact on individuals’ stress and mood;
  2. identify the factors associated with higher stress levels of stress, depression and anxiety;
  3. assess the impact of COVID-19 on life events (i.e., increased caregiving, loss of income, etc.);
  4. determine whether increase stressors related to COVID-19 are associated with mood and stress outcomes; and
  5. explore whether there are specific coping mechanisms that are protective factors related to mood and stress outcome.

Phase 2 of the study will focus on will involve applying a range of recruitment methods to expand the recruitment net to the wider Hamilton community as well as its surrounding areas.

Phase 3 of the study will involve the development of interventions to be implemented within the InHamilton cohort, as well as proposed research projects using InHamilton cohort data.

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