Stress Workshop for Children

The Strong Families lab at McMaster University has developed and will be facilitating psychoeducational stress workshops, ‘DESSERTS spelled backwards is STRESSED, but there’s not much sweet about it!’ that are targeted for children aged 7-12 years.

Our goal is to work with organizations to provide opportunities for children to learn about where stress comes from, good stress versus bad stress, and strategies on how children can help themselves work through their own stress. All information and strategies in the workshop are evidence-informed and come from an extensive body of literature on stress, coping, emotion regulation and mental well-being. 

The inspiration behind the creation of this workshop stems from witnessing the unprecedented hardships many children and families have faced throughout the past few years, as well as our recognition that there has never been a greater need to provide support, mental health awareness, and early intervention.

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Graphic For Stress-Free Workshop "Desserts Spelled Backwards Is Stressed"