Parenting Under Pressure (PuP) program

The Promoting Healthy Families: Pregnancy to Early Years study has officially launched at five agencies located in Ontario and Quebec. The Pregnancy to Early Years study aims to implement and assess the feasibility and acceptability of the Parenting Under Pressure (PuP) program. The PuP program seeks to improve family functioning and child outcomes by supporting caregivers and their families. This program was developed in Australia, and this will be the first time it is being evaluated in Canada

We are beginning recruitment with parents who are pregnant or within 2 years postpartum. We will continue to follow-up at three timepoints within the period of one year. This study will provide important information about whether the PuP program benefits families in Ontario and Quebec and fits well within our service delivery models.

This study is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and is currently in the recruitment phase.

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