The 2014 Ontario Child Health Study (OCHS)

Project summary: The research team recently published a manuscript in the journal of Child Abuse & Neglect, using data collected from the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study (OCHS). The 2014 OCHS is a province-wide study of child and youth health. The current paper includes data from almost 3,000 youth (age 14-17) and their parents. The study seeks to understand how experiences of child maltreatment (CM) can be passed from one generation to the next. The findings of this study indicate unique associations between a parent’s experience of CM and their child’s own experience of maltreatment in impacting youth mental health problems. In addition, this study demonstrates that the critical role of parent mental health and positive parenting in accounting for the link between parent history of CM and youth mental health problems. Lastly, findings highlight the importance of seeking information from both parents and youth, as both have unique perspectives on youth mental health. Together these findings can inform family-based intervention programs aimed at reducing the mental health consequences linked to intergenerational maltreatment.