McMaster Institute for Research on Aging – Intergenerational Study (MIRA-iGeN)

The McMaster Institute for Research on Aging – Intergenerational Study (MIRA-iGeN) has officially launched in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area (GTHA). The study aims to create an intergenerational cohort that includes grandparents, their children, and their grandchildren to investigate how family networks and intergenerational relationships impact health and aging, and to examine how biological, physical, environmental, psychosocial, and lifestyle exposures interact with each other to impact health outcomes across the life course and generations. This intergenerational research platform will enable us to gain a better understanding of the origin, progression, and transmission of disease and help us develop interventions to improve health and well-being of individuals across many generations.

This study is currently in the recruitment phase, focusing on recruiting the index sample of at least 10,000 adults aged 45 years and older. Next steps will be to recruit the participants’ children and grandchildren.

This study is funded by the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging. Read more.

Find out if you’re eligible for the MIRA-iGeN Study by answering questions at this link.